Welcome to the official OZ-Craft website! 

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  • Family Friendly - OZ-Craft is a 100% family friendly server made for all ages.
  • For Everyone - OZ-Craft is for everyone and includes creative, survival, and PvP so everyone stays happy.
OZ-Craft is a small, Microsoft-Azure-hosted Minecraft server run by Ocawesome101 and ZPlayzMC. Our main goal was to see how much of traditional server things can be accomplished in vanilla Minecraft version 1.14. And, you know, to have fun. :)

        Our Server Rules

1.  Hacked Clients are NOT allowed. 

2. Be respectful! No swearing in chat. 

3. Be nice in general

4. No griefing, or you could very well end up banned.

5. If any one player violates the rules more than three times in a day, they will be banned for a week. 

If any one player violates the rules more than six times in three days, they will be banned for one month.

If the player in question persists in their rule-violating actions, they will be PERMANENTLY BANNED, with one chance for an appeal.

Swearing will result in harsher punishments (two-week ban, two-month ban, and no appeal chance respectively.) 

What we have so far

A lobby

A creative area

A survival area

A PvP arena

A large world

And a money system

Join our new Bedrock Server

We now have a new Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server (Windows 10/Xbox One/Mobile). This version of our server will be "un-white-listed", meaning anyone can join. To learn more about this new Bedrock Edition Server, click the button below.


Meet our awesome team!