vled - the Visual Lua EDitor

        vled [-s|--syntax|--highlight] [file]
        vled --syntax=lang [file]

        vled is the successor to ed(1), led(1), and fled(1).  It provides a visual interface similar to both fled and the standard UNIX editor vi.

        vled features several improvements over its predecessors.  The following is a non-exhaustive list of new or improved features over fled.

            - Rudimentary and very experimental support for syntax highlighting;
            - Use of the editor(3) library, rather than defining its own buffer management utilities. This allows for persistent state across launches, as well as allowing other programs to access and modify open buffers;
            - Proper arrow-key navigation support;
            - Support for using the [TAB] key to switch between 'command' mode and 'visual' mode;
            - Proper support for scrolling when the cursor goes offscreen, and when entering visual mode the cursor will be moved within the screen;

        as well as others.

        If the command-line flag --syntax, -s, or --highlight are specified, vled attempts to find a syntax highlighter for the file's extension.  IF --syntax is given a value and no other highlighting is found, attempts to load the specified highlighting.

        Unlike ed, led and fled, vled will automatically create a buffer if there is no existing buffer for the specified file, or if the specified file is not found.

        vled supports several common commands, all of which are almost direct clones of their vi equivalents.  Commands must be prefixed with the : character.

        w [filename]
                Write the current buffer.  If filename is specified, writes to filename instead of the buffer's name.

                Exit vled.  Does not close or remove buffers.

                Exit vled, writing the current buffer and closing it.

                Exit vled, closing (but NOT SAVING) the current buffer.

                Delete the current line, or n lines, starting at the cursor position and extending down.

                Substitute all matches for the Lua pattern expr with string.  If % is present, operate on the whole buffer instead of the current line.
                Jump the cursor to line linenum.

                Redirect to this manual page.

        VLED (c) 2020 Ocawesome101 under the GNU GPLv3.

        ed(1), fled(1), editor(3)