users - user-level user management API

        users is Monolith's userspace user management API.  It controls mapping of usernames to UIDs, the used cryptographic library, and access to /etc/passwd.

        getname(uid:number): string
                Resolves the provided uid to a username.  If no corresponding username is found, returns a string in the form UID: .

        login(user:string or number, password:string): boolean[, string]
                Identical to users(2).login, except that this function sets environment variables appropriately and accepts a username or UID as its first argument.

        logout(): boolean
                Logs out the current user.

        uid(): number
                Returns the current thread's login UID.  A UID of -1 means the current thread is not logged in as a user and has no privileges.

        add(name:string, password:string, cansudo:boolean): number or nil, string
                Identical to its users(2) counterpart, but takes a name rather than a UID.

        del(name:string or number): ...
                Identical to users(2).del, but can take a string as its name argument.

                Sets the current user's login shell to file.

        home(): string
                Returns the current user's home directory.  Alias for os.getenv("HOME").

        shell(): string
                Returns the current user's login shell.  Alias for os.getenv("SHELL").

        sudo(...): ...
                Identical to users(2).sudo.

        Monolith System Interfaces (c) 2020 Ocawesome101 under the GNU GPLv3.

        users(2), usermgr(1)