mpm - the Monolith Package Manager

        mpm <command> ...

        mpm --help

        mpm is the official package manager for the Monolith system.  It supports installing packages from the package/ folder in the root of any properly structured service, by default GitHub.

        For an example MPM repository, see

        All available MPM command-line parameters (commands) are listed below.

        install [user/]repo/package
            Try to install the specified package.  If user is not specified, mpm will search all names listed in the configuration.  Dependencies are not resolved or supported.

            MPM will query the configured base URL in the form baseURL/name/repo/master/packages/package.cpio.
        remove [user/]repo/package
            Try to remove the specified package.

            Show all installed packages.

        search [user/]repo/package
            Check whether the provided package specifier is valid.

            Clean the package cache.  Equivalent to running rm -r /var/cache/mpm in the shell.

        mpm may be configured through /etc/mpm/mpm.cfg.

        Packages must be in CPIO form and have a package.cfg in the root of the CPIO.  The package.cfg file must contain a Lua table formatted as such:

              name = "string",
              creator = "string",
              description = "string", -- This field is optional
              files = {

        Monolith Package Manager copyright (c) 2020 Ocawesome101 under the GNU GPLv3.