Monolith - the Monolith Operating System for the OpenComputers Minecraft mod

        Monolith is an operating system, and collection of utilities for that operating system, written in Lua for the OpenComputers Minecraft mod.  The name is a reference to both the large black box from 2001: A Space Odyssey known as the Monolith and the fact that Monolith is a monolithic kernel.

        Monolith draws heavily from the design of the real-world Linux and UNIX operating systems.  It should be largely compatible with real-world Lua programs.  Monolith includes a selection of other APIs, some of which are defined by the OpenComputers wiki at, such as filesystem, event, or serializatioon, and others which are defined solely from a utility perspective, such as config or users.

        On boot, the user will be presented with a login prompt.  If installing from Git, the default root credentials are root and root.

        Monolith features a mostly ANSI/VT100-compatible terminal, supporting many common, and some uncommon, escape codes.  The VT100 emulator supports bright colors through adding 60 to the color;  for example, \27[37m (normal-white) would become \27[97m (bright-white).  For additional information, see vt100(4)

        When Monolith is installed through the OpenOS installer, a user account will be set up and the root password set.

        Monolith (c) 2020 Ocawesome101 under the GNU GPLv3.