led - line editor


        Before the introduction of the slightly more user-friendly FLED(1), the line editor led, or LuaEd, was the default editor for Monolith.  It is less advanced than FLED, but very similar in concept and design.  ed is inspired by PsychOS 2's ced and UNIX's ed.

        Available commands are listed below.

                Show the built-in help.

        e file
                Open and load file from the filesystem.  file must exist.

                Append to the current buffer.

                Overwrite the current buffer.

        i line
                Insert into the current buffer, starting at line

        s [file]
                Save the current buffer, either to file or to the buffer's name.

                Close the current buffer.

        b [buffer]
                If buffer is specified, set the current buffer to buffer.  Otherwise, list buffers.
        n [name]
                Create a new buffer named name.

        r name
                Rename the current buffer to name.

        p [start] [end]
                Print contents of the current buffer, starting at start or 1 and ending at end or the end of the buffer.

        l line
                Overwrite line line.

                Quit ed. WARNING: DOES NOT SAVE FILES!

        LuaEd is copyright (c) 2020 Ocawesome101 under the GNU GPLv3.

        ed(1), fled(1), vled(1)