install - install files from one directory to another

        install --help
        install [--from=]from [--to=[to

        install is a program that primarily serves as a compatibility program between Monolith and OpenOS.  At its most basic level, install simply copies files from from to to.

        install will search for a .install file on the source media.  If found, install will execute it with an install table in its global environment containing fields from and to, similar to the OpenOS program.

        If .install is not found, install will search for a .prop file on the source.  This file should contain a Lua table with the optional fields setboot:boolean, setlabel:boolean, label:string, and reboot:boolean.

        install / /mnt/0b2
                 Installs all files except .prop from / to the filesystem mounted at /mnt/0b2.

        install --from=/ --to=/mnt/0b2
                 Performs exactly the same action as the above example.

        install has only loosely been tested, but appears to work to the extent expected. Please report bugs at

        Monolith System Utilities (c) 2020 Ocawesome101 under the GNU GPLv3.