initsvc - API for starting and stopping system daemons

        initsvc is provided by the InitMe init system as a method of controlling system services.  Starting and stopping services requires root access.

        Configuration is stored in /etc/initsvc.cfg.

        start(service:string[, handler:function]): boolean or nil, string
                Start service service.  Looks for /lib/init/services/service.lua.

        list(): table
                Returns a table of services, and whether they are running.  Each entry is a sub-table with the fields name:string and running:boolean.
        stop(service:string): boolean or nil, string
                Attempts to stop service service.  May have compatibility with OpenOS services.

        enable(service:string): boolean or nil, string
                Attempts to enable service service.

                Disable service script.

        [Until 2020.7.09]  Due to the manner in which initsvc's configuration is formatted, a script and a service cannot have the same name.  This may change in the future.

        [2020.7.09]  This has been fixed.  Startup scripts are now run in order, before services, from /lib/scripts/.

        [2020.8.03]  Scripts are now run from /lib/init/scripts/.

        Monolith System Interfaces (c) 2020 Ocawesome101 under the GNU GPLv3.

        init(1), init(5)