FLED - Fullscreen Lua EDitor


        fled file

        fled is the default text editor of the Monolith system, superseding ed(1) and superseded by vled(1).  fled is a visual text editor inspired by the real-world editor vim while also remaining similar to ed.  Perhaps the most appealing attribute of fled is its ability to easily switch between multiple loaded buffers in just a few keystrokes.

        Upon launching fled, you will be presented with a black screen, with a red : prompt in the bottom left-hand corner, similar to less(1).  This prompt will accept certain commands, listed here.  Note that the short form is usually preferred.

        Options mandatory for long commands are mandatory for short commands too.

        h, help
                Redirect to this manual page.

        o, open file
                Open and load file file from the filesystem into a buffer.  file must exist in the filesystem.

        n, new [name]
                Create a new, empty buffer, optionally assigning its name as name.  If name is not specified, the user will be prompted on saving the buffer.

        w, save [file]
                Save the currently selected buffer to file or, if file is not specified, to the buffer's name.  Failing this, the user will be prompted for a filename.
        b buffer
                Set the current buffer to buffer.

                Prints a list of all currently loaded buffers, in the format "id. name".

        db buffer
                Delete loaded buffer buffer.

                Prints the length (in lines) of the current buffer.

        dl [line]
                Removes line from the current buffer.  line defaults to 1.

        i [line]
                Enter insert mode at line.  If line is not specified, it will default to 1.

        sc [line]
                Scrolls the current buffer so that line line, or line 1, is at the top of the screen.  Scroll is stored at runtime on a per-buffer basis, but is not saved externally.

                Quit FLED without saving.  WARNING: This command will not save ANY buffers, nor does it prompt before exiting!

                Saves all buffers, then quits FLED.

        FLED is copyright (c) 2020 Ocawesome101 under the GNU GPLv3.

        ed(1), led(1), vled(1)