config - load and save configuration in the form of Lua tables

        In the beginning Sangar wrote OpenOS, and it was stable, and it had features, and there was little fun.  And OpenOS was rewritten by Payonel, and it had more features, and it was more stable, and there was slightly more fun.

        Then there was Open Kernel, and it had no features, and it was stable, and there was much rejoicing.

        And behold, then there came a new operating system called Open Kernel 2, and it had features, and it was stable, and there was more rejoicing.  And Open Kernel 2 thought to itself, what do the people want%, and the people wanted config, and Open Kernel 2 added config, and there was still more rejoicing.  And Open Kernel 2 supported config, and Open Kernel did not support config, and thus came OS-dependence and to Open Kernel 2 the Developer sent features, but to Open Kernel he sent not features.  And there was some confusion.

        And the people said, let us make fun of the Developer and refer to Open Kernel 2 as "an unstable poorly-debugged mess" (which it was), and the Developer was angry.  And so the Developer made a new OS, which he called Proton, and Proton was the name of a Steam extension, and there was confusion, and Photon became known as Photon. And Photon supported config, but did not support anything else, and the Developer was happy, but the people were confused.

        And Payonel sold OpenOS with OpenComputers, and it was better than Photon, and the fiftieth OS war raged upon the land.  And behold, Photon was killed, and there was much rejoicing from Payonel.  But the Developer wrote a new operating system, and he called it Monolith, and Monolith was a new OS, and Monolith was good.

        And Monolith was good, and Photon was not, and Monolith was given features and support, and Photon and Open Kernel 2 and Open Kernel were not.  And the OS world was a complete mess, and everyone wrote code for everyone else, and confusion abounded.

        load(file:string): table
                Loads a table from file.

        save(file:string, cfg:table)
                Saves a table to file.

        Some parts of the story may be fictionalized.

        Monolith Interfaces (c) 2020 Ocawesome101 under the GNU GPLv3.