component - interface with components

        The component API is provided by OpenComputers.  This manual page attempts to document it.

        Note that this manual page covers both OS-provided methods and OpenComputers-provided methods.

        list([filter:string[, exact:boolean]]): table
                Returns an iterable list of components - keys addresses, values types.  If filter is specified, only includes matches of component type.  If exact is specified, only includes exact matches.

        invoke(address:string, method:string[, ...]): ...
                Attempts to invoke the specified method on the component with address address.

        proxy(address:string): table
                Creates a proxy of the component with address address.  All callable fields are in the proxy, along with the address, type, and slot.

        doc(address:string, method:string): string
                Returns the documentation string for the component callback method.  Note that the documenation string for most methods is also available by tostringing the function in a proxy, i.e. tostring(component.screen.isOn).
        type(address:string): string
                Returns the component type of the component with address address.

        slot(address:string): number
                Returns the slot in which the component of address address is installed, or -1 if it does not otherwise make sense.

        fields(address:string): table
                Returns a table with the names of all non-callable fields that will be present in the proxy of a component, i.e. address and type, as keys.  Complements component.methods.

        methods(address:string): table
                Returns a table with the names of all callable methods that will be present in the proxy of a component as keys.

        The following component API methods are provided by Monolith and OpenOS.

        get(address:string[, type:string]): string or nil, string
                Tries to resolve the abbreviated address address to a full component UUID.

        isAvailable(type:string): boolean
                Returns whether at least one component of type type is installed in the computer.

        Both OSes also provide a metatable that allows for the syntax component.<componentType> to obtain a proxy of a component of that type.

        The OpenOS implementation provides a system for "primary" components, which Monolith deos not currently but may in the future.

        computer(2), unicode(2)